This adventure takes place in the World of Anon.


Into the Hive...

Two gaming sessions and two homebrew sessions have passed since the last update.  Both players and the DM have gotten rather tired of the Cousins Caverns and the vague assignment to "fix the problem".  The players are desperate to level up and resupply.  The DM is eager to advance the story.  The DM has resolved to draw maps smaller to expedite play.

Bartok and Giels ventured deep into the caverns finding a large cavern filled with a forest of fungi.  Undoubtedly where the Gnomes ran into trouble.  They venture into a seeming dead end they were swarmed by bats and attacked by giant centipede.  Beating a smart retreat, the party turned away from a watery cavern, then found the entrance to the ant Hive. What, Nobody up for a swim in the dark water where evil DM's are known to lurk?

They blundered in quickly dispatching a soldier guard and a few workers.  Feeling confident beyond their abilities they moved into the breeding chamber where they found the ants did not appreciate their intrusion.  They were quickly swarmed by many workers and a pair of soldiers.  After a tactical retreat down a narrow tunnel Bartok quaffed an unknown potion found in the Crystal Cavern.  Being large and in charge (Potion of Growth) the duo crushed the ants.

Re-entering the breeding chamber they were greeted by another group of workers, soldiers, and a really pissed off flying Queen.  Expending the last of their powers and potions the party narrowly kill the Queen and her defenders.

The party now pauses to consider whether they have the courage to go forward or the strength to travel back through the dangerous cavern to a safe resting place.

The DM struggles with managing his DM Genie and MapTool to run the campaign.  If only there was a single tool to manage encounters and maps.  I'd pay good money for that.

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